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Talent Acquisition

Leaked and Loaded Talent Acquisition

As many of you know, I am starting a website focusing on porn stars’ real sex lives. I did some market research and found that fans love watching my homemade video clips. I wanted a way to help my fellow porn stars earn money without relying on studio bookings and create a site that has longevity.  Let’s face it!  It can’t be all about Billy Santoro forever. I’m getting old. I want you to be a part of this!

Here’s how it works. You hook-up with whomever you want.  Take some videos of your hook-up.  Submit to us and get paid. You control how much money you make!




Video Requirements

  1. 2 minutes-10 minutes in length
  2. Iphone or web cam *-shy away from pro-cameras
  3. Bareback only
  4. Must be clearly visible
  5. Focused on sex
  6. Exclusive to Leaked and Loaded [Cannot post on other sites]




Benefits to you

1) $100 for 2 clips. [This is the starting point. If your quality and rate of submission is high, you will be paid more.]

2) You will be featured on the site.

3) Your fans will be able to click through to your profession porn work.

4) You will receive a model page where we will post your amateur photos.

5) You will be asked to be a part of a live show with Billy Santoro where you will create a unique experience for the viewer.






I’m really excited for this site.  I’ve heard from countless brothers in the industry that they aren’t getting booked and how that has impacted their lives.  This puts the power back with us.  We can make however much money we want!  You are the director!  You are the performer!  You are the star!  Join me in changing this industry!


Thanks guys!!

Billy Santoro

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